Switching to 6×6

A new year often brings change and new approaches to our daily lives; whether that means going to the gym more often, reading more books, or simply being more social. For my photographic year, I’ve decided to switch formats. I have been shooting with a Mamiya 645 AFD II; a wonderfully ergonomic camera with a decent amount of heft to it. Its image quality is quite nice but not incredible as I only use the 80 and 150mm default lenses, not the newer gen Schneider lenses as to avoid a substantial investment.

Moving forward to this year’s format of 6×6! I have adopted a wonderful Hasselblad 500 el/m. It’s quirky, a tad bit heavy, and so loudly intimidating that I often am reminded how stunning it is to be down-lens from it. As it is a Hasselblad, that means I have access to the wonderful world of glass offered in their line—one such being that of Zeiss optics.

So far, I’ve spent most of my time with the classic 150 f/4. It’s much more telephoto than portrait, but I’ve wound up using it for quite a few headshots already. One shoot recently I did was for the business of a friend, Hempsmith. They specialize in clothing made of 94% hemp and 6% cotton. They’re comprised of a fantastic group of people, all of which I find I get along with quite well. That said, in terms of shooting their headshots, they were rather amazed at the mechanically loud nature of the Hassy. Apart from the headshots, I’ve shot a few rural landscapes nearby on Ilford’s Ortho and Pan F. Both of which are phenomenal for those moody contrast concepts.

I’m going to post a few of those shots down below, but two of the rolls are worth going over. For the headshots, I shot 400tx and Portra 400 at 1600. Since I develop at home, I’m able to push and pull all I want without really having to think much about it. However, both performed beyond what I would expect. Now I know TX pushes quite well under any circumstance, especially studio lighting. But a simple two stop push sacrficed absolutely nothing in terms of granularity or quality. I’ll let you be the judge of the shots but do keep in mind they’re pushed shots. Without further wait, please enjoy some samples of my latest work.


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  1. Love that b&w portrait.


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