Large Format Update

With my recent acquisition of an Epson v600 I’m finally able to scan at levels comparable to that of my lab. Whereas previously I had been using my D750, the v600 easily achieves proper tones for color, and perfect balancing for black and white. There is unfortunately one downfall in the Epson and that is the size of the scanner itself, it’s a narrow band in the center of the device. So that means no full 4×5 scans for now…or so they thought. I found an easy way around this; scan the 4×5 in two halves while maintaining the same settings for each scan and then stitching the two parts together in photoshop. Albeit a lengthy solution, it’s still quicker than the time I’d spend shooting and processing with my Nikon.

Scanner aside, I’ve improved my shooting and developing workflows to be as efficient and yield the highest quality possible. I’ll include my dev notes in a later post as I feel there are many out there that may appreciate a brief version of dev notes.

In terms of what I’ve been shooting, most of the subject matter happens to be landscapes or abandoned barns/active churches. In other words, not many portraits are being made on the big boi. That is something I hope to change, especially after developing a batch of Portra 400 for a friend and seeing one of his portraits. Large format has the ability to add a beautiful universe of depth to an already incredible subject matter. So much to the point that it’s as if the negative itself has now become art. So, I’d say look out in the coming weeks for some portraits shot on large format…hopefully more interesting than just standard portraits. Maybe some people doing flips, or just anything unique that presents itself!


Instead of more words, I’m just going to show you some of my recent large works. Enjoy!






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